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37 websites analyzed (torn apart, actually!)

I emailed you a few weeks ago, asking you to send me your website – so I could make a new video critiquing the ones that were submitted.

It’s done, and it’s going to surprise you. Why?

Well, not only was this one of the most FUN videos that I’ve ever made, it was also one of the most powerful.

And I’ll confess something: I went a little further than to just “critique” – it was more like “tearing them apart”… lol.

You’ll also learn three questions that you MUST answer within the first three seconds that someone visits your website, along with the two most powerful marketing sentences that I’ve ever seen (these are unbelievable).

So a little warning before you watch: Put on your “thick skin” and get ready to go fast!

Go here to watch me analyze 37 different websites that were submitted to me:

VIDEO: Eben Analyzes 37 Websites

::: Are You Good At Spotting Mistakes? :::

If you are good at spotting changed details, intentional mistakes, & hidden inconsistencies, then you’re going to really have fun with this video.

Inside, I’ve HIDDEN a mistake. It’s something that anyone can find, if you use these as your clues:

1) This email

2) The page with the video on it

3) The video itself

The first person to spot the intentional mistake, and who emails me at the address that I tell you inside the video wins…

::: A Brand New MacBook Pro :::

…with the extra-fancy Retina Display.

And this is open to everyone – you just have to be the first to email me with the correct answer.

Here’s the link again:

VIDEO: Eben Analyzes 37 Websites

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Check it out!



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